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Cyprus Pediatrics
medical care of infants and children more
Cyprus General Practitioners
family physicians, general or family practitioners more
Cyprus Orthopedics
spine, bones, joints, muscles, or other parts of the skeletal system treatment more
Cyprus Dentists
Professionals specialized in caring for the teeth, gums, and other mouth tissues more
Cyprus Neurology
Professionals specialized in the nervous system and its disorders more
Cyprus Otorhinolaryngology
Specialists for the ears, nose, throat, the head and neck more
Cyprus Plastic Surgery
Specialists repair skin, tendon, disfiguring injuries and birth abnormalities more
Cyprus Cardiology
Specialists in the diseases of the heart and blood vessels more
Cyprus Gynecology
Specialists in women's body medicine more
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Συχνότης-αίτια ατυχήματοςΤο ατύχημα αποτελεί  σημαντικό παράγοντα θανάτου  [1]  .... more

Cervical screening tests to prevent cancer [Gynecology]
Cervical screening tests are offered to women aged 20-65 every two years. Often referred to as cervical “smears” or PAP tests, the point of cervic... more

Constipation and dietary [Other]
Constipation is non regularity of moves in less than three times a week caused by slow movement of the large intestine and the usual symptoms of thi... more

  Latest News
Kidney epidemic [24-02-2014]
One in 10 Cypriots or 80,000 people will develop kidney disease in the next few years according to the results of a Pancyprian nephrology study that h... more

Living in Cold Climates May Give You Obesity-Related Gut Bacteria [17-02-2014]
Fat keeps the body warm, so it stands to reason that people living far from the equator have more body fat. A new study says that could be because peo... more

Aiding the fight against cancer [04-02-2014]
Emerging evidence suggests that Vitamin E chemical compounds may be useful in the treatment of several types of cancer; research by a team of local ... more

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